Preliminary program:

day/time Mon 29/6 Tue 30/6 Wed 1/7 Thu 2/7 Fri 3/7
09:30 Pietronero Pietronero Marchetti  Levine Frey
10:15 Motter Bouchaud Kurchan Domany Domany
11:00 coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee
11:30 Bouchaud Motter Schall Frey Helbing
12:15-14:30 lunch break lunch break lunch break lunch break lunch break
14:30 Kurchan Miguel Levine  La Porta Couzin
15:15 Marchetti Schall Miguel Couzin  Bowick
16:00 tea tea tea tea tea
16:30 Zapperi Alava CSS session Helbing Vespigani

Lecture titles:

M. J. Alava
Complexity in plasticty

J. P. Bouchaud
Tipping points and crises in simple macroeconomic models
Critical price impact and the intrinsic fragility of financial markets

M. Bowick
Shape-Shifting Droplet Networks

I. Couzin
Collective Animal Behavior I & II

E. Domany
Pathway – based personalized analysis of cancer
Integrating GWAS, expression and protein data to study Schizophrenia.

E. Frey
Pattern Formation in Cellular Systems I & II

D. Helbing
Towards Global Systems Science
Creating a Planetary Nervous System Together

J. Kurchan
Darwinian dynamics and Large Deviations
Thermodynamic aspects emergent in population dynamics

C. A. M. La Porta
Volume fluctuations in active cell deformation

H. Levine
Directed cell motility in Dictyostelium
Motility mechanics, from the single cell to the collective

M. C. Marchetti
Mechanics and organization of dense active matter I & II

M. C. Miguel
Topological defects in Condensed Matter: Collective phenomena, plastic deformation and failure I & II

A. Motter
Controlling Complex Systems and Networks I & II

L. Pietronero
Economic Complexity I & II

P. Schall
Big issues in Soft Matter: 1. Complex Assembly
Big issues in Soft Matter: 2. Flow and Arrest

A. Verspignani
The complexity of spreading processes

S. Zapperi
Fracture statistics across scales